8. Riddles on my Heart

9. The Nighttime Belongs to You

10. Salutation Song

11. Fall

12. I Gave Up

13. Leaving Song

©2016 Barefoot McCoy

Barefoot McCoy Hoody.

1. Out of Your Sight, Out of My Mind
2. Ballyhoo
3. I Wear Her Chains
4. Stitches
5. I Can Be Your Ticket Home
6. Ramble On October
7. Hey Little River
8. All My Favorite Lies


1. Already Flown

2. Cali

3. Bye Bye Bluebird

4. Questions For Dalila

5. You'll Come Too

6. Hope is on the Rise​

7. Raindrops and Roses

Grey Heather

Copyright ©2017 Barefoot McCoy

Now Available:

Barefoot McCoy's 15-track folk-rock album, "Ballyhoo" (2017).

9. Bound and Around Old Mexico
10. Ballad of a Doubtful Thought
11. Cold Blooded Creek
12. Never Lost, Never Found
13. Thanks for the Get Well Soon Card
14. Don't Hang On
15. Heart and Bones

©2017 Barefoot McCoy

8. For the Last
9. Hitchhiking Heaven's Highway
10. Ain't It Just Like Love
11. Never Felt So Much Like Letting Go
12. Art of Losing Love
13. Won't Let Her Fade Away
14. Winter Midnight Road

©2017 Barefoot McCoy

Now Available:

Barefoot McCoy's 14-track folk-rock album, "American Lady" (2017).

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Now Available:

Barefoot McCoy's first studio album, "Bye Bye Bluebird" (2016).

Athletic Blue

Tri Evergreen

Now Available:

1. American Lady
2. I Love You Only
3. Ballad on a Blue Lagoon
4. The Shade Tree
5. Come on Home Now
6. Heartbreak Queen
7. Adriana