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        Copyright ©2017 Barefoot McCoy

Barefoot McCoy is an American singer-songwriter and musician.

His music is characterized by his deeply personal lyrics and distinctive

instrumental work. Barefoot's genre is a unique blend of

singer-songwriter, folk-rock, and acoustic blues that evokes memory of

yesterday and sparks hope for tomorrow.

Barefoot's writing often includes traces of his love of nature

and his values in peace, truth and life.

Kentucky (2010-2014)
During his time in Kentucky, Barefoot performed with multiple local folk

bands. Barefoot immersed himself in the rich Appalachian culture,

reading the legendary works of naturalists and transcendentalists such as

Henry David Thoreau and William Wordsworth while listening to the 

melodious music of Pete Seeger and Doc Watson. It was in this scenic

setting that Barefoot acquired his skill on the banjo and in “Merle Travis-style” guitar finger-picking.

The Name "Barefoot"

Barefoot was named by his Kentucky friends, Chief Rainwater (Cherokee) and Gail Roe after spending an entire summer without shoes.